All substances that alter the mind carry a lot of risks and short-term and long-term harm. Although many people can use alcohol, prescription medication and cannabis in a way that does not cause a lot of harm, they are addictive. The addiction causes people to use it as a cushion, and then they are hooked in an aggressive cycle.

When any substance use begins to isolate an individual, reduce performance at work, destroy relationships, put finances in jeopardy – then the situation has gotten out of hand.

Promoting a Healthy Perspective

When you find out that a person you know is using harmful substances, you have an opportunity to help save their life. You can influence the person to think about the consequences of that action and shift their perspective into one that is health-promoting.

The approach that promotes health makes a person reflective on the goals, needs, weaknesses, strengths and resources available to help overcome the problem of substance use. It provides support, increases the capacity to resist substances by offering practical advice, and it encourages substance users to be a part of healthier community building.

Choose to change a life today by promotin3g a healthy perspective to someone struggling with substance abuse.

Inspire Others Today

Are you dealing with a mental illness or a substance use problem, or do you know anyone who is? Have any of our resources been a source of help and encouragement to you? What are the resources currently helping you to cope with your situation, or the situation of your loved one, today?

If your answer to anyone of the questions above is a yes, then you have a story to share!

Many people come to our website to get resources to help them and their loved ones. As they browse through, they read stories from real people, with real experiences. Share your story today and be a source of hope to others.

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