If you are suffering from mental illness, you can get help from:

A Family Doctor

Family doctors can quickly rule out physical causes for the symptoms you are experiencing. They are trained to do counselling, although often, they may refer cases to psychiatrists or psychologists who are more specialized in mental illnesses.

A family doctor can prescribe medications and offer emotional support and guidance in moving forward with the condition.

A Counsellor

Counsellors may be trained clinical counsellors, psychologists or social workers. Although they are not medical doctors, they are able to help you sort through your feelings, thoughts and behavioral patterns. They can also give advice, but they cannot legally prescribe medications.

A Psychiatrist

A psychiatrist is trained to diagnose and treat mental illness. Most times, referrals are needed before you can see a psychiatrist. A family doctor can give you one. Psychiatrists prescribe medication, counselling and activities to promote mental health.

Other places that provide counselling includes:

  • University campuses – Usually, there is a psychiatrist or counsellor available on campus.
  • Schools -Usually, there is a school psychiatrist, psychologist or counsellor.
  • Workplaces- Counseling is available through programs that assist employees. Most of these programs are extended to the family of the employee as well.
  • Special groups -This includes military veterans, friendship centers and faith communities.
  • Teams for mental health – present in communities. There are programs for adults, children and youth available. These teams include nurses, mental care professionals, workers specialized in peer support, and
  • Crises Lines- Crises lines are always available. They can be dialed when you need a person to talk to you and direct help your way.

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