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How Does Fitness Help Mental Health?

Your mental health affects every aspect of your life in more ways than one, and poor mental health makes you vulnerable to some illnesses and health issues. Fortunately, fitness and protein supplements have been shown to help mental health in many aspects.
How does fitness help mental health? We’ll answer this question and more in this article.
So, let’s get started.
What Is Mental Health
What Are the Benefits of Exercise on Mental Health?

Vaping and Mental Health

Intertwined: Smoking, Vaping and Mental Health

Quitting an unhealthy habit like Vaping is easier said than done. Thus, if you have been smoking or vaping for many years now, you may find it extremely challenging to give up any of these vices. But is it impossible? Certainly not.
While the process may be tedious, withdrawing from smoking and vaping will benefit your health in the long run.
Nonetheless, nicotine cessation treatments should be addressed so that they intertwine with other mental health care programs.
Smoking and Vaping Among Individuals with Mental Health Problems
A recent study shows that 25% of adults in…

How to Help People Struggling With Substance Use and Substance Abuse

All substances that alter the mind carry a lot of risks and short-term and long-term harm. Although many people can use alcohol, prescription medication and cannabis in a way that does not cause a lot of harm, they are addictive. The addiction causes people to use it as a cushion, and then they are hooked in an aggressive cycle.
When any substance use begins to isolate an individual, reduce performance at work, destroy relationships, put finances in jeopardy – then the situation has gotten out of hand.
Promoting a Healthy Perspective
When you find out that a person you know is using harmful …

How Parents Can Help Anxious Children and Teenagers

There are three main ways your child or teenager will manifest anxiety. All three may be seen. However, in some instances, only one or two ways may manifest. Here are some symptoms that show your child is experiencing anxiety:

Constant worry
Sudden and frequent panic attacks
Avoiding social situations and excessive shyness
Crying, clinging and throwing tantrums when you separate
Complaints of frequent headaches and stomachaches

Pay attention to your child closely to detect these patterns:
Physical symptoms
Physical symptoms include what is felt …

How to Get Help for Mental Illness

If you are suffering from mental illness, you can get help from:
A Family Doctor
Family doctors can quickly rule out physical causes for the symptoms you are experiencing. They are trained to do counselling, although often, they may refer cases to psychiatrists or psychologists who are more specialized in mental illnesses.
A family doctor can prescribe medications and offer emotional support and guidance in moving forward with the condition.
A Counsellor
Counsellors may be trained clinical counsellors, psychologists or social workers. Although they are not medical …