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We are a group of non-profit partners and agencies specialized in dealing with Mental Health. Mental Health is a broad field that is closely related to substance use. We have worked together since 2003 to help improve the lives of people with mental health.
Our goal is to promote wholesome wellness, prevent mental illness and offer lifestyle improvement changes to those who suffer from mental health, substance use and related addictions.
Our work is financially supported by Partners for Mental Health Canada and Substance Use Services. We are privileged to have support from the family development and children’s ministry, as …

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+ What should I do when I am lonely?
+ How do I overcome thinking traps?
+ How do I distract myself from my anxious feelings?
+ How do I see this in a better perspective?
+ How do I get over grief?

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How to Help Mentally Challenged Children

Mental health issues in kids are usually displayed through hyperactive, disruptive, or temperamental behavior. It can also be expressed through emotional responses, withdrawal, and worry. For parents to help their kids, they have first to acknowledge that their child has a mental ailment, regardless of how painful that admittance may be.
After the acknowledgment, you can seek professional help. Recommended fidget toys are one of the ways to help mentally challenged kids, but there are a host of other ways as well.
This article will be discussing…

10 Ways to Raise Your Mental Health

Are you stressed, anxious, or depressed? These are all signs that your mental health may be suffering. Good mental health is so crucial for our state of mind, productivity, and relationships with other people which is why Canada’s CBD Oil is becoming more popular.
Here are some ways that can help you to raise your mental health:
Work Out
Exercise regularly. It can help you feel more relaxed and less anxious, plus it boosts your mood by releasing …

Vaping and Mental Health

Intertwined: Smoking, Vaping and Mental Health

Quitting an unhealthy habit like Vaping is easier said than done. Thus, if you have been smoking or vaping for many years now, you may find it extremely challenging to give up any of these vices. But is it impossible? Certainly not.
While the process may be tedious, withdrawing from smoking and vaping will benefit your health in the long run.
Nonetheless, nicotine cessation treatments should be addressed so that they intertwine with other mental health care programs.
Smoking and Vaping Among Individuals with Mental Health Problems
A recent study shows that 25% of adults in…

How to Help People Struggling With Substance Use and Substance Abuse

All substances that alter the mind carry a lot of risks and short-term and long-term harm. Although many people can use alcohol, prescription medication and cannabis in a way that does not cause a lot of harm, they are addictive. The addiction causes people to use it as a cushion, and then they are hooked in an aggressive cycle.
When any substance use begins to isolate an individual, reduce performance at work, destroy relationships, put finances in jeopardy – then the situation has gotten out of hand.
Promoting a Healthy Perspective
When you find out that a person you know is using harmful …

How Parents Can Help Anxious Children and Teenagers

There are three main ways your child or teenager will manifest anxiety. All three may be seen. However, in some instances, only one or two ways may manifest. Here are some symptoms that show your child is experiencing anxiety:

Constant worry
Sudden and frequent panic attacks
Avoiding social situations and excessive shyness
Crying, clinging and throwing tantrums when you separate
Complaints of frequent headaches and stomachaches

Pay attention to your child closely to detect these patterns:
Physical symptoms
Physical symptoms include what is felt …

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