We are a group of non-profit partners and agencies specialized in dealing with Mental Health. Mental Health is a broad field that is closely related to substance use. We have worked together since 2003 to help improve the lives of people with mental health.

Our goal is to promote wholesome wellness, prevent mental illness and offer lifestyle improvement changes to those who suffer from mental health, substance use and related addictions.

Our work is financially supported by Partners for Mental Health Canada and Substance Use Services. We are privileged to have support from the family development and children’s ministry, as well as from our private and corporate sponsors. This support enables us to pay the expenses for the resources we need.

If you desire to reproduce, distribute or adapt our materials, feel free to consult our team for copyright details. We track general usage of materials and we have privacy guidelines to protect our clients. If you would like to add content to our site, please visit our Submitting Resources page.