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Support Someone

Do you know a person in need of help? A friend, a member of your family, a partner, a colleague or client? It is vital to offer ongoing support to someone going through a mental health illness or substance abuse disorder.
In our Resources page, you will find the resources that you need to broaden your knowledge about the diagnosis and treatments of mental health. These resources will teach you to anticipate problems before they arise, and how to tackle and overcome challenges.  It will help you become an informed and effective advocate and promote healthier relationships between you and the people that need help.
These …

Support Yourself

Do you want to improve your mental health, but you are unsure about how to do so? Here is a great starting point!
It is easy to become overwhelmed with information overload when you search about mental health online. Whether your search is about substance abuse, mental health improvement tips, safer substance use, mental illness and recovery, you need a trustworthy source.
Our resources help you make informed decisions concerning mental health. They teach you different strategies so your mental health changes for the better. It is a good place to begin taking charge of your mental health and that of your loved ones.