How do I see this in a better perspective?

How you think about something impacts your feelings and your behaviours.

When we feel stressed out, angry, or fearful, it’s hard to look at the situation realistically and see all of the options we have. (Remember: we all control our own actions and reactions, no matter what’s going on in the world. We can call do something about this pandemic.)

People often overestimate the negative parts—their own feelings, their own abilities to manage a difficult situation, or the situation itself—and underestimate positive parts—their own abilities to care for themselves and loved ones, their support networks, and opportunities.

How does the thought “We’re never going to make it through this!” make you feel? It likely doesn’t feel good—and it isn’t even true.

Challenging negative, unhelpful thoughts can improve your mood, validate your ability to get through this, and help you see new options or opportunities to stay well.

Stop and notice thoughts that come up. How do they make you feel? Do your thoughts seem realistic if you look at the situation more objectively? How can you reframe the thought to make it more productive or hopeful? Can you find any positive aspects or think of new ways to approach the situation?

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