When we are physically sick, we wait at most a couple of days before consulting a doctor. Most times, we go to the doctor immediately we are worried that something is seriously wrong. We research the symptoms, tell family and friends, and get it checked out.

However, when most people feel emotionally imbalanced, act differently or have scary thoughts, they do not ask for help. Months later, despite noticing that it is getting worse, they still do not go and seek medical help.

Instead, excuses are made. They think it will disappear by itself, or that it is in their head. Some blame their personality, stress, or their age. Most people do not want to inform their loved ones, for fear that they may call them crazy. This secret is kept safe – and things get worse and worse.

It is not right that we treat mental health differently from physical health just because it is less obvious. While mental health cases are different, some of the possible symptoms to show that you have the illness include:

  • Your sleep patterns have changed
  • You used to be healthy but feel a bit sick now
  • You avoid people
  • You eat more or less than you used to
  • You experience strange thoughts and voices
  • Your find yourself feeling sad or angry for no reason
  • Using drugs or drinking heavily to cope
  • You sometimes want to end your life

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