Mental health issues in kids are usually displayed through hyperactive, disruptive, or temperamental behavior. It can also be expressed through emotional responses, withdrawal, and worry. For parents to help their kids, they have first to acknowledge that their child has a mental ailment, regardless of how painful that admittance may be.

After the acknowledgment, you can seek professional help. Recommended fidget toys are one of the ways to help mentally challenged kids, but there are a host of other ways as well.

This article will be discussing how parents and guardians can help their mentally challenged kids or wards.

What to Know About Mentally Challenged Kids?

When your child or teen is mentally challenged, it’s a typical occurrence that they will find it challenging to keep their emotions, behavior, or thoughts in check. This lack of control can affect the entire family. Some activities or indications that point to their erratic behavior include:

  • Being fidgety
  • Climbing too frequently or running around in unsuitable situations
  • Inability to stay in one position
  • Being talkative
  • Unable to play quietly

Recording Your Child’s Behaviour

Keeping records of your kid’s behavior helps you have more information about their condition, and the more information you can give your doctor, the more they can understand your kid’s problems. You can start recording these behaviors in a journal at least a week before your appointment with the doctor.

This period is enough for you to have a detailed record of your kid’s behavior, including the time and location a particular activity takes place. So if you want to keep records, be aiming to record information such as:

  • Possible behavioral patterns
  • Frequency of the occurrence of that behavior
  • The length of time it takes your kid to exhibit this behavior before they stop
  • Whether this behavior takes place in the morning, afternoon and evening
  • What were the kids doing before this behavior started exhibiting?
  • What happens in the aftermath of the behavior?
  • The emotion you think your kid feels when they display their behavior and how they communicate

Seeking Professional Help for Mentally Challenged Kids

Armed with your journal or diary, you can present this to your doctor, who will give you suggestions or refer you to specialists in mental health. For instance, you can be referred to a child psychologist. These specialists can give you professional advice on:

  • How your manner of approach to your kid’s behavior can help them
  • How you and your household can endure such behavioral issues

If your kid suffers from a more severe mental ailment, the doctor may refer your kids to a child/teen psychiatrist. These are healthcare professionals who can test your child for medical complications, prescribe the necessary medications and keep your child as an in-patient if it comes to it.

How to Support Mentally Challenged Kids?

To show your support for your kid or ward, you have to:

  • Spend time with them doing fun and exciting activities
  • Sustain routines such as meal times
  • Frequently asking about your child’s welfare
  • Pay attention to your child’s concerns
  • Talk with your child’s school

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