Hey there!!

I've always believed sharing is a great way of caring. I've been through a lot with my mental health journey and I've written you something in poetic style to give back. I want you to have this advice because it has worked for me. I believe one component of mental health is reframing our perspective. When we do this, it is an integral part of emotional and even intellectual health. I am Christian, and have also had my strong faith that this is true hope for our dark world. However, I know health has so many other components and I can see how happy people are wise people who know how to think and endure circumstances with grace, hope, and love. All my best to all of you out there. I know your path is not easy but out of the mire will emerge a beautiful bird- if you so allow the grace of God to infiltrate even this dark turn in your pathway. Always, always, HOPE!

I wanted to make a short speech so you can know you're not alone in life. Life can be lonely, but we have a plethora of resources out there to make it manageable and even fun. I think the first step is admitting. When you truly see you might have a mental illness, that is the start of hope for a better future. There is so much treatment out there, and it may be a long road, but it is worth it to embark on it. Reach out, reach up, receive!! There are so many amazing things to worry about in life and try to solve, but mental health is not something that we can always achieve on our own. Resolve to be the best version of yourself and then take a look at the obstacles. If you are ill, you need a doctor. Remember, the times in your life when you have felt healthier and stronger. Rest up under the care of professionals and recharge your worn out battery. Don't ruminate on the past, as that will prevent you from recovering your future- one that has a sound mind and is free from addictions. Don't react to adversity in your wellness path- understand that you still have a real voice to speak your concerns and have them heard and responded to. Relief- breathe out a sigh- there is so much that is not within your control. Respect yourself and others equally. Seek restitution for your mistakes of the past then free yourself from the realm of shame and blame. Recognize your situation, your surroundings, as tied to real causes and effects. Read good books and resources about your condition and really consider if they ring true. Recite quotes, Scriptures, etc. to help soothe your soul, as you are recovering and only when you are ready.

Reduce your time always with toxic companions. Reuse and reuse your ability to choose your company. Resue yourself away from those in the mire who only make ridiculous mockeries of your soul and inner life. Do not resent those who love you but have failed you in the past- recycle your inner compassion and spend it on these real friends.

School girl (Edmonton)