My son has mental illness, ADD, and addiction problem also. He is 20 years old and has survived many blackouts on the streets of our town thanks to the RCMP who found him and either put him in the drunk tank or the hospital.The last time was the hardest, he was viciously assaulted while blacked out at a park, kicked and punched in the head, by a girl who was on probation and a foster child with disabilities herself. This girl is in jail at present unrelated to the assault on my son.

It's a miracle if these kids live or survive at all with their barriers and rejection from society. Often addiction and disability go hand in hand, without help from the communities they don't have much chance. Just the other day I talked to my niece that's in jail herself for threats against someone and told me that there was a young female in jail that tried suicide. There's so much lost young lives because of government cutbacks in social services.Too many waitlists, not enough counselling or treatment centres.

Laura (Courtenay B.C)