I have 2 daughters that have mental health issues. My youngest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was in Grade 5. Although she is extremely bright and creative, the public school system was not a good fit for her. They just unloaded from school to school instead of trying to accommodate her. She finally dropped out in Grade 10 and instead wrote the GED to obtain her Grade 12. My other daughter was diagnosed with GAD and Bipolar when she was in Grade 9. I had no idea that she was ill until she tried to commit suicide when she was in Grade 9. I read many books on mental illness after she was diagnosed. I still feel guilty that I didn't recognize that she was so ill. She had been depressed since grade 4, but didn't realize what it was until she was in grade 7. She had also been experiencing anxiety from a very young age. When I look back now, some of the signs were there, I just didn't know enough about mental illness to recognize something was wrong and she never let on how she was feeling to anyone one. There was also a family history of mental illness that I was unaware of. I am happy to say that she is very open about her illness and she is doing well on medication. I hope in the future that people are more open about mental illness and the symptoms. It could save someone's life.

Marie (Vancouver)