Our story is not yet complete, but we are still hoping for a decent ending. About 4 years ago it became clear that our youngest child was having social difficulties and was quite distressed. He could not communicate with his peers adequately, this led to many misunderstandings, anger and confusion; add to this much sadness.

We embarked on a search to find what was wrong and help him. Almost 5 years later, 3 Psychologists, a Psychiatrist who seems to have misdiagnosed him, and now a team of experts and he is worse than ever.

He has withdrawn almost completely from the world.

Hospitalization is inevitable and we are struggling to maintain our own peace of mind.
It takes far too long to obtain help. We wasted weeks and months waiting to get appointments. I believe if we had the proper help sooner, he may not have dropped so low.

It is a terrible waste of a talented, warm, kind, intelligent person.

I have some hope, but it is fading.

Linda ( Montreal)