The first time I went psychotic I was 24. Everything was magical and everyone was against me, it seemed. When I started coming around in the hospital people were really mad at me and I was really confused. It took me four years after that to regain any sense of wholeness, and then I went off my medication and it happened all over again.
I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder I the first time around, and that's what I've struggled with ever since. But it's been seven years since I have been in the hospital and I am now sober and sticking to my medications. I am also going to grad school in the fall.

The most hurtful things about being Bipolar is the scorn and stigma I experience from people I barely know, simply based on my medical issue. As a result I have often made friends with other people with mental health issues who understand the complexity of living this way. There is a whole community out there that you can plug into and get support.

Thirza (Saskatoon)