After my son was born I experienced a terrible postpartum psychosis - the inside of my chest freezer looked like a great place to hide from the world, I had no short term memory, I was terrified everyone would find out I was ill and could never work again. After I started therapy my therapist suggested I might find this one of the most effective learning experiences of my life. Sure I thought, this will be the experience I most want to forget. Instead it has given me insight beyond the compassion I felt I always brought to my work as manager in health care. Instead now I really know what it's like to walk in the shoes of someone whose world makes total sense to them but is "crazy" to everyone else. I use my drive, determination and communication skills to be open about my experience and be an advocate for positive mental health, especially in the workplace. I am now a leader in my field and community and hope my experience keeps me humble and connected to what it means to struggle with an illness no-one can see but that everyone is terrified of.

Thanks for being champions to bust the myths, and to create a space to celebrate the stories and to give everyone joy in their lives or at least share their stores so we can all become more mindful about the needs of everyone in our community. Compassion, not money is what really makes the world go around. Without love for one another we judge and isolate. Open up your heart and mind today!

Rosslyn (Guelph)